Fitbit App: Letterfall

Test your bookworm skills!

Letterfall” is a word-building game. The longer word you construct – the more scoring points you get. As you accumulate points – you advance in ranks.

  • To create a word – tap anywhere on the game field to select first letter and then build a chain of letters by tapping tiles adjunct with previous one – above/below/left/right/diagonal. You can also unselect the letters in the reverse order.
  • Once you you created the word – you can submit it by tapping button in the lower-right corner. If the word is a valid English word – you will get points. Note: you can only submit words that have 3 or more letters. But be careful! If you make too many short words (3 or 4 letters) – burning tiles will appear (faster if you create 3-letter words). These tiles burn down with every turn, and if the burning tile reached the bottom – it’s game over. So use burning tiles in your words as soon as possible!
  • Settings for board reset. When this settings is on – If you’re stuck and can’t seem to think of  a word  – flick your wrist back and forth and the board will repopulate with new letters. Warning: Resetting boards is considered a turn, so any burning tiles currently on the board will move down (and their letters won’t change). Also, resetting board isn’t free of consequences – this will make new burning tiles appear
  • Gold tiles. If you create enough of big words (5+ letters) – gold tiles will appear (faster if you create 6+ letter words). Gold tiles act as score multiplier. If you use 1 of them in your word – score for the word doubles. If you use 2 – score triples, etc.
  • You can exit game at any time and continue it later from the last board position with your rank and score preserved.

Warning: Large app, might take longer than usual to load.


“Letterfall is just $1.89 one-time payment. When your install this app – watch will show you purchase code – enter it at to complete the purchase. If you had purchased it already and reinstalling it – visit to unlock your purchase.

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