Fitbit App: Cannonade

Cannonade is a classic ballistic game between 2 opponents – in this case you and A.I. (or, to be precise – you and your watch).

The goal of the game is to destroy opponent’s fort with your projectile while surviving its barrage.

🎯 To aim your projectile:

– tap top of the screen to increase shot angle
– tap bottom of the screen to decrease shot angle
– tap right of the screen to increase shot power
– tap left of the screen to decrease shot power

🎇 Tap middle of the screen to fire.

💨 Keep in mind that the shot is affected by wind (wind speed and direction shown in the top middle of the screen).

After your shot (if it’s not a winning one) – it’s A.I. turn to fire.

You can select from 4 A.I. marksmanship levels:

– Beginner
– Medium
– Advanced
– Sniper

The game keeps score – can you beat your watch?


“Cannonade” is just $1.89 one-time payment. When your install this app – watch will show you purchase code – enter it at to complete the purchase. If you had purchased it already and reinstalling it – visit to unlock your purchase.

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