Thank you for visiting out clock face store. Here is an easy step-by-step process to get that cool clock face or app onto your watch:

If you purchase from this site

  1. Select clock face, app, or bundle and purchase it via KPay payment site
  2. After purchase you will receive email with Fitbit Gallery URL for your purchase.
  3. Open that URL on your phone and tap “Open App” to open Fitbit app and install selected clock face/app
  4. Once installed – you watch will show your a 5-digit code. Enter that code at https://k-pay.io/unlock to unlock your purchase.

If you install directly from Fitbit gallery

  1. Select clock face or app from the gallery and install it
  2. After clock face/app starts – it will show you 5-digit code
  3. Enter this code at https://k-pay.io/code to purchase and unlock the installed clock face/app